Clash of the Titans.

Italy, the entire country, is a battlefield of touristy sights in itself. The Colosseum, David, any of the Duomos, The Sistine Chapel, they all were breathtaking. But I think, what is even more amazing than the hundreds and thousand year old sights, is the food culture. Despite all the breathtaking views at the amazing sights,... Continue Reading →

A world of its own.

Italy is amazing. And by amazing, I mean AMAZING. It ranges from a coastline that has your heart skip one, two, three beats to cities drowned in lights, from Gondolas that lead you over the canals to architecture that excites every fiber of your body. History? Yes, plenty of it too. Food? Do you even... Continue Reading →

The wedding blur.

It was pouring down rain all night and all morning, the storm was horribly loud and kept me worrying all night. As A and I both awakened the day of our wedding, we knew, that our chances on having an outside-wedding were dwindelling. But we kept our spirits up high and sat down to a... Continue Reading →

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