I had a rough couple of days, not going to lie, I almost contemplated not leaving bed today, but I did it and yes, I deserve praise for that. Nothing particular happened in the last few days, you know, other than me coming so close and yet so far from what I wanted for so... Continue Reading →

False Hope

I am an endless optimist with a small inkling for realism, a very small at best. A on the other hand is an eternal realist with the ability to see the greatest potential in any situation. So, when we went to a grocery store in the middle of nowhere up the coast somewhere in Australia... Continue Reading →

21.0975 reasons

There about 21.0975 reasons to not do anything you ever wanted to do. There are also about 21.0975 reasons to do exactly just that. There are also about 21.0975 different sorts of pains, that you can feel, all at once, all while you are doing something you absolutely love-hate. 21.0975 meters, that's how long I... Continue Reading →

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