One last goodbye, Philadelphia.

The first home you make for yourself, will always hold a special place in your heart! It's like your first love: you only remember the good times. The first look, the first kiss, the excitement and the thrill of it all. Rarely do people recall the breakup, the heartache, the moments where you think the... Continue Reading →

Water and Sunshine.

Water. All life forms need water. There is no single organism that does not require water - at least on this planet. Of course, we humans are more complicated than that and need a million more things to live a fulfilled life. For me, however, the two things that I need in life are water and... Continue Reading →

The color of life.

When I first arrived back in Oslo, it seemed impossible to go back to my all to familiar school/work-routine that I carefully had created for myself. The first morning back at home, as I laid in my bed, the very bed that I had missed for so long, staring at the ceiling, noticing that there were... Continue Reading →

The truth about Norway

When A and I first moved to Norway, all I could think about was the opportunity to finally be together with A in the same country without having to say goodbye. Beyond that single most wonderful thought, being finally able to share my life with A, I never gave Norway a second thought. Norway looked... Continue Reading →

From the sea to the mountains…

...Telemark's got it all. You know, how in high school, the one week you look forward to the most is the field-trip week? I'll let you in on a little secret, it doesn't change in graduate school. All semester long we have been talking about the three day field-trip that was planned for the end... Continue Reading →

Date night in Oslo.

Time flies. Somehow it has almost been 7 years since I first met A and we have been married for almost 2 years. As fall approaches, A and I try to make time for the little things in life. The things that too often get forgotten: date night. It's quite surprising, actually, how two people that... Continue Reading →

Moon shadows

It is Friday. The second Friday of the new year. You know what that means? A and I are going on vacation!!!!!!! (This I tell you to firstly feel super jealous and secondly because A and I badly need this vacation). This being said, this will also be our last vacation before we get married,... Continue Reading →

J and the chocolate factory

It's a year ago that I called my mom and frantically yelled "ENGAGED... me.... A.... YEEEES" in her ear, her first reaction was a loud yelp, followed by uncontrolled wheeping. I hear the crackling of her voice still in my ear, it is about the best reaction you can get from your own mom. I... Continue Reading →

Scavenging Christmas.

Christmas came and left way too quickly if you ask me. The weeks leading up to Christmas have been crazy. Finishing up my semester at school, running my half-marathon and working overtime. Somehow though, I made it through long working-Sundays and crazy customers, through endless hours of analyzing films and writing home-exams and through ice-cold... Continue Reading →

The fake crocogator

The concept of time is funny. It is the essence to our lives, without time, there is no begin and no end. Time is where we start and time is where we end. And after experiencing the three - almost - longest hours in my life, the concept of time became very clear to me.... Continue Reading →

Make a list

When moving to a different country, or state for that matter, you get to experience a new culture, new customs, you get to meet new people, enjoy a life that otherwise you would have never known. It's fun, it's exciting, it's amazing and yes, it is freaking scary. So what did my marketing-teacher in high-school... Continue Reading →

17th of May

I promise you, you have NEVER - EVER - IN YOUR LIFETIME experienced something quite like this, unless you have been in Norway for the 17th of May, that is. A little bit of history, before I go on: it is Norway's national holiday, or as A wants to remind me, 'Constitution Day'. The constitution,... Continue Reading →

The Martinsens

The Martinsens were a nice couple, I imagine. They've traveled quite a lot and have been all over the place, at least according to all the framed pics and some of the artwork that we took off the walls.One of the Martinsens was a musical genius, or at least somewhat good and loved the violin... Continue Reading →

Only an email

When I sat down in my seat in a tiny airplane on my way to EWR, my heart stopped for a second. All the memories of the US customs came rushing back to me. The mean custom officers - usually frustrated males - with their dark uniforms, with their shiny badges, their tired eyes and... Continue Reading →

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