J and the chocolate factory

It’s a year ago that I called my mom and frantically yelled “ENGAGED… me…. A…. YEEEES” in her ear, her first reaction was a loud yelp, followed by uncontrolled wheeping. I hear the crackling of her voice still in my ear, it is about the best reaction you can get from your own mom. I mean obviously my mom is very proud of me, not because I got engaged, but because I am who I am and that reflects who she is. I keep telling myself this, I am a reflection of my mom. Because in a way, we are all a reflection of someone, sometimes we like that mirror, sometimes we don’t. It’s okay.

I wake up every morning to the disturbing high pitched voice of a radio-talkshow-host and A kissing my shoulder. He is amazing, I know I say that every time I sit down and write on a blog post, but he just is. He is like the chocolate piece they put on your pillow in a five-star-hotel every morning. He surprises me out of nowhere, I have no idea how he finds the strength to focus on his job 150% and then still finds energy to make me feel like I am the only person on this earth and let me tell you, it is a pretty good feeling.

On our one-year-engagement-versary he surprised me with a private tour in the chocolate factory right behind our house, and yes, we do live right in front of Oslo’s biggest (and I want to say the only one) chocolate factory, I know, what are the odds, that someone who can recite every singe dialogue of Tim Burton’s “Charlie and the chocolate factory” will end up living right in front of a chocolate factory? But I didn’t know it when we moved in, I promise!

I was flabbergasted, I mean not only was I finally able to see what the chocolate factory looked like on the inside, because I often wondered about that, when on my runs which almost always lead me next to the factory, just because the smell is so enticing, you cannot resist but run right next to it, when it smells like caramel, hazelnuts and just the best and sweetest milk chocolate… heavenly delicious. I often get distracted by the smell and find myself standing next to the ventilation vents for minutes before I snap out of it and realize that I am actually on a run and not a smell. But the best part was, that I was able to enjoy this evening with my beloved A.

He would often pull me aside and tell me to not just eat all the chocolate, but to actually listen to the guide, he apparently doesn’t understand the concept of “learning by doing”, obviously the taste of the chocolate helps me to remember whatever the guide said about chocolate, for instance that it was in 1527 that Spain invaded Mexico, back then known as Aztec empire. And although the invasion wasn’t a good thing and Hernán Cortés certainly wasn’t a saint, but we gained chocolate from it…! We even met the inventor of a very specific type of chocolate and he did not at all look half as cookoo as Willy Wonka, although his name was Walter. We got to relive the chocolate-past and Norway’s high sense of chocolate-proud, turns out they are the world wide fourth most eating chocolate people (makes you really wonder how they stay that thin and skinny and tall and sporty and not at all obese…). It was simply amazing, and yes I totally over-ate on all types of chocolates, but it was simply irresistible.

I guess, what I am trying to say is, that you can never learn enough about anything, I mean, I honestly thought knowing all the different types of chocolate apart, with a blindfold on, was enough for me, and that I did achieve my life goal with that, but being with A, I realize that my life goal is to always eat more chocolate than him and to be with him, for better and for worse… well the whole speech will have to wait until bit over 130 days. Because, yes, we are getting married and I cannot wait for this wonderful man, to be my lawfully wedded husband.

chocolate wrappers from the early century from Norway

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