My glorious sun

I've watched the talented Mr. Ripley about a million and a half times in the past almost twenty years since it came out in 1999 (I added this last part of information just to make you feel old). The story never changes but it's an incredible one. Man from lower middle class (Tom Ripley played... Continue Reading →

Water and Sunshine.

Water. All life forms need water. There is no single organism that does not require water - at least on this planet. Of course, we humans are more complicated than that and need a million more things to live a fulfilled life. For me, however, the two things that I need in life are water and... Continue Reading →

Love always finds a way.

One time, several years ago, one day after I arrived in the US after not having seen A for months, I locked myself out of the apartment while he was at work. That was pre-Wifi and pre-smartphones and generally during a time, where simcards were not generally used in the US. It was 11 am... Continue Reading →

Runner’s high.

As the seasons change, I cannot help but think, that the running season is not over yet. So far I ran about 425 km in the past year. For some people this is little (especially if you're my dad, I guess by now he probably ran twice around the world already). For other people this... Continue Reading →

Date night in Oslo.

Time flies. Somehow it has almost been 7 years since I first met A and we have been married for almost 2 years. As fall approaches, A and I try to make time for the little things in life. The things that too often get forgotten: date night. It's quite surprising, actually, how two people that... Continue Reading →

J and the chocolate factory

It's a year ago that I called my mom and frantically yelled "ENGAGED... me.... A.... YEEEES" in her ear, her first reaction was a loud yelp, followed by uncontrolled wheeping. I hear the crackling of her voice still in my ear, it is about the best reaction you can get from your own mom. I... Continue Reading →

Circus-date anyone?

As a child I hated circuses. How could you not with those scary clowns and their big feet? Who loves to go to a place with big scary horses, big scary camels and big - but not so scary - elephants? I wouldn't have entered a circus, even if you promised me a  truck load... Continue Reading →

…the bergenstest.

Update: If you need learning materials (text books as well as sample tests) for passing your bergenstest, please visit this webpage, which offers great guidance so you too can manage the bergenstest in no time! The plan for me, moving with A to Oslo was, to start studying at the University of Oslo. I didn't... Continue Reading →

…6 months into.

They say that it only takes 10 seconds to like a person, about 11 seconds to form your opinion about that person and about 15 to know whether or not you actually would like to get that person better to know. As you all know by now, it took A only a few minutes to... Continue Reading →

…a matter of seconds.

As of today we have been together 938 days, a few days short of 1,000. People often say things like, 'Today is the first day of the rest of my life'. Every now and then you meet a person who meant what they said and you see huge changes within them. You see how much... Continue Reading →

The Martinsens

The Martinsens were a nice couple, I imagine. They've traveled quite a lot and have been all over the place, at least according to all the framed pics and some of the artwork that we took off the walls.One of the Martinsens was a musical genius, or at least somewhat good and loved the violin... Continue Reading →

First impressions, first expressions

We got the basics fairly quick, takk and vær så snill, unnskyld meg. Nonetheless we are far from having a normal conversation with a native. A and I still are playing the 'I'm an American, therefore I speak English' card, which so far didn't exactly put us in good standing with the natives but at least they... Continue Reading →

Only an email

When I sat down in my seat in a tiny airplane on my way to EWR, my heart stopped for a second. All the memories of the US customs came rushing back to me. The mean custom officers - usually frustrated males - with their dark uniforms, with their shiny badges, their tired eyes and... Continue Reading →

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