Jess explores – Running for beginners, part 2 (S2 E49)

Have you ever wondered why so many runners have frequent pasta parties and how you can get invited to one? No? Well, me neither until I got to go to a pasta party and let me tell you, it was GLORIOUS! In this week's episode we'll go a bit deeper into some things to consider... Continue Reading →

Jess explores – Running for beginners (S2 E20)

I am a runner - this is not something I ever thought I'd say of myself. If you would have asked me twenty years ago to go for a run, I would have laughed... a lot. But today, it's my most favourite activity. I get asked a lot of questions, such as "how do you... Continue Reading →


I know, having to convince yourself to exercise regularly is mentally challenging. If I could choose, I totally would spend all my days and weeks and months and years on my behind and not do anything all day, but unfortunately it just doesn't play well that way. So I have to use the force trying... Continue Reading →


When I was little my parents always used to say, "until you are married, the pain you feel now will be gone". It was their way to let me know, that first of all, I apparently had to get married for all my little bruises to heal and secondly that no pain will last forever.... Continue Reading →

For better or worse.

I run about 40 to 50 km a week. That's about 10 km 4 times a week. Depending on my schedule I run between 45 and 90 minutes sometimes even 2 hours. I follow my training schedule vigorously, which means that sometimes I run so fast that I can barely catch my breath and sometimes... Continue Reading →

30 Days

I started walking in March of 2012. Mainly to heal myself, to be honest. Losing my grandma had a deep impact on me and I felt so helpless, I didn't know what to do with myself. So I did the one thing, I knew how to do: walk. And then I started running at the end... Continue Reading →

Run for your life.

If I can say one thing about myself with certainty, it's that I am not sporty. In no way did I ever enjoy the occasional run, the quick weight-lift work-out, the pilates/yoga/thai boxing/zumba class or the fancy stationary cycle. I was a chubby kid and gym class was - to say the least - not... Continue Reading →

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