Longing for the lost

When Gollum looses the ring (yes, THE ring from lord of the rings), he gets really mad, angry even, almost uncontrollably. He does that, because he can't help himself, he was so drawn to the power of the ring, that being without it, is just madness to him. I tell you this, not only because... Continue Reading →

I dare you to say goodbye.

We finally made it. We finally got here. We're finally moving in together. We're finally packing our things, finally throwing the last few bits and pieces into our suitcases and finally driving off to the airport... But hold on a second there. We've been anticipating this moment for - dare I to say it? -... Continue Reading →

The 3-legged dog

It’s pitiful to watch a 3-legged dog, you want to look away but you can’t. Whatever he does, it always leaves a bittersweet note. For instance, watch a 3-legged dog trying to swim. You want to tell him to quit trying; you can see how much he suffers but he keeps going. You want to... Continue Reading →

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