Jess explores – The Art of Saying Yes (S2 E48)

One of the first words that many children learn is "no" - as a safety mechanism mostly and to protect them but sometimes it doesn't stop there and we say no to an awful lot of things that we are actually fully capable of! So, on today's episode, I am exploring the art of saying... Continue Reading →

My loveletter.

I promised A I wouldn't say anything and keep it my sweet little secret but I cannot let this day slide by without saying a few words, without sharing this with at least you, my most loyal reader: A. Dearest A, I cannot believe that today is the day. June 7th, 2013. I have been... Continue Reading →

Ich bin bei dir

Let me start this off by saying, that A and I usually go to bed early. And by early I mean 9pm. We force ourselves to stay up at least until 9pm. But after 9pm both of us literally fall apart. But when A asked me to lay down next to him yesterday (16th of... Continue Reading →

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