My loveletter.

I promised A I wouldn’t say anything and keep it my sweet little secret but I cannot let this day slide by without saying a few words, without sharing this with at least you, my most loyal reader: A.

Dearest A,

I cannot believe that today is the day. June 7th, 2013. I have been waiting for this day so long, that now, that it is here, it seems surreal. Life can be crazy sometimes, it never plays out like you want it to but it gives you things you would have never thought of in your wildest dreams, that is what life is about. Electrifying you with excitement until you think, you cannot take it anymore and out of nowhere comes the last boost of energy, and you realize that you had it in you all the time. This is what I feel about you. All the love, that I have for you, it is like an everlasting boost of energy, giving me the strength to be the best I can every single day of my life. You give me the confidence to reach every goal I set for myself. I know that as long as I am with you, nothing can go wrong and everything that does go wrong, we will fix, even if it didn’t need to be fixed in the first place, I know, we will fix it together.

You are my world and far beyond more than that. You are my everything and every day with you is a gift through snow and high water. A gift I wouldn’t want to exchange for all the ice cream in the world. I love you for all the little things you give me, like sharing your last piece of toffifees with me. I love you for all the silence and peace you give me, when I cannot take exam-craziness anymore. And when you let me know, that everything is going to be okay, even when it doesn’t seem like it. I know as long as I am with you, everything will be alright. Always. I love you for all the drama you provide me with, when there is absolutely no drama to be had. I love you for all the fun and laughter, every single day, you have not missed making me laugh one single day since I have met you. I love you for all the hand holding through the hard times and that you laugh with me at all my really – really, having to explain them, to be somewhat funny and still not being funny – bad jokes. I love you for all the hugs – millions a day – and the daily I love yous – billions a day.

All of this cannot even begin to describe the feeling you give me every day. With you by my side I know I can do anything and everything. I can run for hours and hours and ride a bike and blow bubble gums. With you by my side I can sleep through cold nights and be happy when the sun doesn’t go down until well after midnight. You are my source of happiness through thick and thin (and I don’t mean my pants-size). You are always there for me, even when you are in a different timezone and have been traveling all day, you still manage to make me feel the most important thing. You have crazy eyes and even crazier ideas but I love being your partner in crime, even if it means I have to walk 2 km in the pouring rain with a piano, just so you have a summer project. I love you for your devotion to me and all the things that are important to me and your devotion to us, from the very first moment I met you. I love you for the lifetime of happiness you have provided me with already and I promise you, now and every day for the rest of my life to love you til death do us part. I promise to be by your side and your biggest supporter, because no matter what, I will do my best to remind you every single day that you are simply amazing.

And like you once said, in your super perfect and flawless German and like it is engraved in my ring, and in my heart,

Ich bin bei dir

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