The constant in my life.

Staying positive is difficult. No matter how good the cause, I guarantee you, one cannot always stay positive. Not you and not me. For the past several weeks I felt gloomy, maybe even defeated. I buried myself in work and school and volunteering and yet I still had enough time to feel a bit out... Continue Reading →

My loveletter.

I promised A I wouldn't say anything and keep it my sweet little secret but I cannot let this day slide by without saying a few words, without sharing this with at least you, my most loyal reader: A. Dearest A, I cannot believe that today is the day. June 7th, 2013. I have been... Continue Reading →

You is important.

As Valentine's approaches, I find myself wondering about love and life. Before I met A, my life was kinda... funny. Yes, I believe, funny is the right word to describe it. Like everyone encounters at least once in their lifetime, I too fell for the wrong person, believing that this person was THE one. If... Continue Reading →

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