10 Tips on How to Survive Being a Student (of Everything)

Now that I am finally back to what may be described as passable human-like, I have a few words of wisdom on what to consider when considering higher education, i.e. should you really go down the path of senseless deadlines, night-long study sessions and no immediate gratification? (Spoiler alert, the answer is yes. ALWAYS, yes... Continue Reading →

The truth about Norway

When A and I first moved to Norway, all I could think about was the opportunity to finally be together with A in the same country without having to say goodbye. Beyond that single most wonderful thought, being finally able to share my life with A, I never gave Norway a second thought. Norway looked... Continue Reading →


On August 16th four years ago A and I landed blue eyed in Oslo, not knowing what we would get into but ready to take on a new and life-changing challenge. It only took us a couple summers to adjust to the bright sunny nights in the summer and the freezing cold dark days in... Continue Reading →


My dad always says, he doesn't need a picture to proof that he has been some place. But my dad is generally shy of the camera. Whenever he sees any type of camera approaching him, he would disappear instantly. Let me tell you, skyping this way, is not a lot of fun. My mom, my... Continue Reading →

…the bergenstest.

Update: If you need learning materials (text books as well as sample tests) for passing your bergenstest, please visit this webpage, which offers great guidance so you too can manage the bergenstest in no time!¬†https://bergenstesttips.wordpress.com/ The plan for me, moving with A to Oslo was, to start studying at the University of Oslo. I didn't... Continue Reading →

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