My dad always says, he doesn’t need a picture to proof that he has been some place. But my dad is generally shy of the camera. Whenever he sees any type of camera approaching him, he would disappear instantly. Let me tell you, skyping this way, is not a lot of fun.

My mom, my brothers, my almost three year old niece and I love the camera (not quite sure if it loves us so much…) but we like taking pictures and we like being in them and we like showing them to people. Also not sure, if others like seeing them so much. But that is a different story.

In a couple days a new journey, a new chapter, starts. I am stocked beyond believe and excited to see what the future holds. In the next 150 days I will be in Hong Kong. I have never been to China before, not even close and eating with chopsticks is not my strong suit. But I am looking forward to new opportunities, new experiences and new food.

So in order to stay in touch, I will start a #150daysChina project, where I will daily document my experience. This is why I love social media and media platforms. It makes it so easy to stay connected with minimum effort. This way, I will also be able to share pictures and stories with my parents, who are 98% excited and 2% nervous, or the other way around.

Happy new challenges everyone! I am pumped! And if you want to follow me on instagram @jandtheworld you find a daily update!

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