See ya later, Hong Kong!

A and I are about to leave Hong Kong for good in a couple days, embarking on a new journey to Beijing and Lijiang before we will return to Oslo. But here are my final thoughts on what can only be described as the greatest 5 months of my life so far (minus the part... Continue Reading →

Love knows no distance.

The Space Between What's wrong and right Is where you find me hiding, waiting for you The Space Between Your heart and mine Is the space we'll fill with time (- Dave Matthews Band, "The Space Between") I'd be lying if I'd say, I didn't get excited when A's plane finally (after a 70 minutes... Continue Reading →

The roar of the lioness.

After last week's near death experience, this week I decided to take it easy and do an easy hike. ¬†Little did I know that easy is not always easy. So the task for that day was climbing the LION ROCK. It is a symbol of pride in Hong Kong and visible from almost anywhere in... Continue Reading →

I’m a tourist. Deal with it.

I am 26, originally from Austria. I married my best friend from Pennsylvania in Italy. We moved to Norway three years ago and now I study abroad in Hong Kong. That is my story in three sentences. With this you already know a whole lot about me, without ever having met me. You for instance... Continue Reading →

Breakfast is served.

This is my life: Every morning A would get up first (and don't ask me how he does it, he is ALWAYS giddy and happy in the mornings) while I would need another hour or so to properly wake up. Usually he is really chatty in the mornings as well (me: not so much) and... Continue Reading →


My dad always says, he doesn't need a picture to proof that he has been some place. But my dad is generally shy of the camera. Whenever he sees any type of camera approaching him, he would disappear instantly. Let me tell you, skyping this way, is not a lot of fun. My mom, my... Continue Reading →

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