Love knows no distance.

The Space Between
What’s wrong and right
Is where you find me hiding, waiting for you
The Space Between
Your heart and mine
Is the space we’ll fill with time
(- Dave Matthews Band, “The Space Between”)

I’d be lying if I’d say, I didn’t get excited when A’s plane finally (after a 70 minutes delay) landed in Hong Kong. I was an eternity and a half early at the airport (probably should have checked the flight status before I went to the airport) and there I sat and stood, and checked out every restaurant, store and every marquis there is, trying to make time pass quicker (it didn’t!).

But when he finally landed and casually strolled out of customs, my heart stopped for a second. There he was. My husband.

I think that many people view marriage as a certificate, like you accomplished something in life. A piece of paper that proofs that you are committed. But honestly, being married to my best friend is like winning the golden ticket to the chocolate factory. Of course, there are many obstacles in the way. There is the chocolate river, so tempting, that you want to drown in it, there is technology that consumes you, there are little squirrels examining whether or not you are a nut. But then there is Willy Wonka, the magnificent chocolatier, who’s only goal is to find someone that appreciates his work of art just as much as he does. I think that is, what love is.

Finding someone, that shares the same passion for life, the same passion for love, the same passion for food (!) and the same passion for what makes you you, in my book, that is love. And when you find that someone, and get to marry that one and only, and every day you have to pinch yourself, because you can’t believe how lucky you are, even when your partner drives you mad leaving clothes in places, where they don’t belong. But still, every time your phone beeps you get excited to see that you received a message from your partner, and every night you are so happy, being able to lay next to your partner. That’s what marriage is. Marriage amplifies these crazy out-of-control feelings. Marriage makes you grow stronger in ways you didn’t know you could grow (and yes, most likely you are probably going to gain a lot of weight along the way…).

Ultimately though, what makes being married to your best friend so awesome, is that you get to share the craziest things together. Like eating chicken feet (been there, done that). Running around Hong Kong trying to order food when no one speaks English (been there, done that) and being scared of what you just ordered (been there, done that). Eating food you never thought of being edible like ‘mild’ Szechuan chicken (it was so hot, I cried through the meal all the while my mouth was burning like nobody’s business) or eating ice cream with caramelized popcorn (yes, been there and done that too!). And yes, love travels through the stomach and quite honestly, what I missed the most, having been in Hong Kong by myself for 4 months, is having dinner with my husband.

A and I first night in HK
A and I first night in HK, having our first dinner together, dim sum and lobster!


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