Is the Great Barrier Reef as awesome as everyone says???

The short answer is yes. The long answer: OMG, I CANNOT BELIEVE HOW AWESOME THE GREAT BARRIER REEF IS AND EVERYONE, AT LEAST ONCE IN THEIR LIFETIME, SHOULD GO! Because I was sick, I was only able to organize one snorkeling trip and although that only gives you limited time to see anything, it at... Continue Reading →

Skipping Christmas.

This year, A and I decided to skip Christmas altogether, sort of. Our world trip is of course the gift to each other and for ourselves but other than that, we decided to leave Christmas decorations, trees and anything else Christmasy behind. Because Christmas is more than a place decorated with loads of glitter, on... Continue Reading →

Hawaiian jetlag

I am thoroughly exhausted, from head to toe. Jetlag is no joke but if I could any place to cure the jetlag, Hawaii is the place to do it! This morning, A and I had an Açaí bowl while sitting with flip-flops and shorts outside a cute little cafe. It was the most amazing, most... Continue Reading →

4 seasons of Vienna

The first time I fell in love with Vienna was in the summer of 2004. Most days I spent with my best friend running around day and night, tanning poolside during the days, spending warm summer nights on roof tops, looking at the stars, laughing hysterically and imagining our future bright and wonderful. We met... Continue Reading →

My love letter to Berlin

I don't think romance always has to happen between a person and their partner. It can happen between two strangers somewhere in the middle of nowhere or between lifelong friends. It's just a moment, the moment doesn't mean anything other than what you make it to be. Before I go any further, just so there is... Continue Reading →

Love always finds a way.

One time, several years ago, one day after I arrived in the US after not having seen A for months, I locked myself out of the apartment while he was at work. That was pre-Wifi and pre-smartphones and generally during a time, where simcards were not generally used in the US. It was 11 am... Continue Reading →

Love knows no distance.

The Space Between What's wrong and right Is where you find me hiding, waiting for you The Space Between Your heart and mine Is the space we'll fill with time (- Dave Matthews Band, "The Space Between") I'd be lying if I'd say, I didn't get excited when A's plane finally (after a 70 minutes... Continue Reading →

The travelinsurance

I never check the 'I want a travel insurance' box, because I never think about not making my flight, canceling due to sickness or any other unexpected happenings. It's only 10 bucks extra but when checking that box, am I not in a way already asking for trouble? To me checking that box indicates, that... Continue Reading →

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