What?! Really?? No way…

So let me get this right, you left the US 2 months ago and you’re still paying for gas and electricity? Your car is not paid off yet? Really? I thought you were done with it. I mean, it’s not like you’re still living there. Come on…

Well, see, nobody – and I mean NOBODY – makes it easy on you to move. It doesn’t matter where to or where from. We moved halfway across the world just to still pay A’s gas bill from his old apartment?! Side note: Neither A nor I have entered the apartment after July 31st. We should have been done with it already, right? Right? Wrong.

Over the last few weeks we realized that moving ain’t that easy. The car-dealership still gives us crap about A’s old car, although we made arrangements for it mid July. Can you take it personal? It’s a dealership, what did you expect? Flowers and candy? No, sir. The internet company still tried to make a few bucks off of A’s cancellation, we haven’t gotten the security deposit from the apartment back… the list is endless.

A and I both are very patient. We make plans, we follow through, we get what we want. Period. Don’t get me wrong, we try the friendly approach first, I guess that’s how we were raised… And then we become less friendly. Maybe we should try it the other way around, do you think that would help? Somehow I highly doubt it.

I guess, when it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter how organized you are, I don’t think it matters how much you stick to your plan and how hard you try to insist on your timeline.

The only thing that helps? Lots of cookies, lots of ice cream, lots of hot chocolate – never failed.


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