Highest honor to my maid.

When a girl gets engaged, her reaction will almost always be the same. Kinda like the one in the big bang theory. And when you call your mom to tell her, she will almost always start bursting into tears. When you call your brother, he will congratulate you and be happy for you. When you text your best friend, she will get out the good chocolate and ice cream, open a bottle of champagne and celebrate with you, no matter where you are at, no matter where she’s at.

About 10 years ago I met the most wonderful person, C. My family and I were on vacation in Tunesia and so was C and her family. We spent two weeks at the same resort and the same hotel and yet we not once talked to each other. On the day of the departure back to Austria, we had to sit and wait at the gate for quite some time. I sat by myself, starring at the passing airplanes, wondering why our plane hasn’t started boarding yet and why tourists had to be so embarrassingly touristy… seriously people. Socks and sandals? In Tunesia?

And then she sat next to me. It only took about a minute and I knew she would be in my life for a long time. And right I was, here we are a bit over ten years later.

Ever since that day we have been connected. I say connected because we are virtually connected, ALWAYS. We email and text and send each other messages on a daily basis and by that I mean we email back and forth several dozen times during the course of any given day. We tell each other everything, and by everything, I literally mean everything. Distance and time differences never mattered to us, that’s what’s so amazing about technology. You can read and respond WHENEVER you feel like it and that’s how we live. C and I, that is.

C and I share some fun memories from when I used to live in Vienna. We would go eat pizza, decide twenty minutes to midnight to celebrate New Year’s together on a train platform, we would go shopping together (some things just don’t change…), go to family-gatherings together. We would stay up until 4 am to solve a picture puzzle on TV (although, I actually fell asleep halfway through and C stayed up and woke me up half an hour later just to tell me that the answer was 64 mistakes). We would spent weeks at her summer house pondering about the important things in life, which we came to realize, nothing is more important than chocolate cake. We would eat and talk and laugh, which is, I believe, the most important in any relationship anyways.

A few months after I first met A, she came and visited me in DC. We went to every sight in DC, headed over to NYC and stayed in Philadelphia over the weekend. Afterwards we headed to Las Vegas and did all the things girls do, when they are in Vegas. I’m not going to go into detail, after all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Let’s just say that there is no need to go crazy on the bachelor’s party anymore 😉

She got to know A and she got to know me with A and that’s what is important to me

. I wanted my maid of honor not only to be there for me, but for us. Someone I can trust, someone that trusts me and someone that knows how much A and being with him means to me. Which is why I asked C to be my maid of honor. And, as C and I have practiced for many years, a simple email with a three-letter-word was more than enough to answer my question.

Here she is: C, my most awesomest maid of honor.

C and I in Vegas


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