Wedding vows.

We are 9 days away from the I-dos and I just had a shocking realization. Apparently, you do NOT prepare a 10 minute speech with powerpoint slides for your wedding vows. Furthermore you do NOT give your wedding vows to half of your wedding party to proof read and get back to you with suggestions on how to make it better. You do NOT make an academic achievement out of your wedding vow, even if every fiber of your body wants you to. And if you do, you do NOT tell your fiance that you did, because he will not like it.

This I learned when talking to A about our self-written wedding vows. Halfway through my hour long explanation of what I had undergone to achieve a speech that I consider the purest and most loveliest confession of my love to A in the utter most perfect words to him and the rest of the wedding party, that yet has not read my wedding vows, A stopped me with a loud gasp. He starred at me in disbelief, constant flickering of confusion in his eyes. He then basically threw a tantrum because I put so much effort and time and detail to the perfect little (if you consider a 10 page writing) wedding speech. He tried in his calmest of voices to explain, that a wedding vow is supposed to be a short little remark on how we vow to love each other until the end of time, not more, not less. It’s not a thank you speech for the nobel peace prize, he said.

Well, I know that. Thank you very much. What he doesn’t understand is, that I am a writer, so writing I will do, for what ever challenge (good or bad) I have to undergo. I also think, that this is where my problem lays. There are so many different ways of writing, that you truly love someone, you can write bold or cursive or with very smart sounding words, but bottom line is, what you really want to say is “I love you”. There are no other words, that are more powerful than that, well, maybe chocolate fondue, and marshmallow fluff, but other than these two exceptions, “I love you” are the most wonderful words with the most greatest sound to them, especially on your wedding day.

What I am getting at is, that I have not yet figured out how to put my “I love you” into a few short wedding-vowy-sentences, (and when I do find the right words, I am NOT going to let ANYONE proof read them, because apparently you are not supposed to do that) but I can promise you this, there is no more wonderful feeling in the world, than knowing that there are so many ways of showing your love, that you do truly care about them. No matter what font you write in and no matter in which language, no matter if you paint them, say them out loud, or do interpretive dance.

bride and groom orca
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