The Water’s Surface. – A poem

Like a phoenix - that's how you want to soar.High above the clouds.High above anyone. High above anything.But I am here, gravity pulling me down into the darkness, shackles slowly tearing me down.Where have you been? Where have you gone? Where are you now?I hear myself calling for you in the darkest corners of my... Continue Reading →

The green flash

I think we all can agree that nature is really awesome. From tiny little critters to majestic creatures of the sea and everything in between, planet ocean is simply magnificent and there is really no place like it! But you know what's even more awesome? Human knowledge being passed down from generation to generation, from... Continue Reading →

Education and Empowerment.

Little girls and boys go hungry. All around the world. Every night. Tween girls and boys are fighting wars that aren't theirs. Wars they don't understand. Grown up women and men are discussing important issues every single chance they get, sometimes with good intentions, sometimes with bad and the vast majority of us? The vast... Continue Reading →

…where will you live?

I flew a two-seat airplane when I was 23. Not by myself, mind you, that would have been disastrous, but I did fly an airplane. Nothing quite comes close to the feeling of flying. When the world slowly but surely becomes smaller and in a way you start feeling smaller too, insignificant even. You're not... Continue Reading →

The demons we fight.

We all have our battles to fight, we all have our dark demons that haunt us at night. For some of us it might be something as simple as the snooze button every morning. Only five more minutes. And maybe five more... For others it's a bit more complicated, when five more minutes make no... Continue Reading →

My Educational Butterfly Effect

In chaos theory, the butterfly effect is the sensitive dependence on initial conditions in which a small change in one state of a deterministic nonlinear system can result in large differences in a later state. - Courtesy Wikipedia Last year I volunteered at a whales project in the Azores. It was an amazing experience that... Continue Reading →

From the sea to the mountains…

...Telemark's got it all. You know, how in high school, the one week you look forward to the most is the field-trip week? I'll let you in on a little secret, it doesn't change in graduate school. All semester long we have been talking about the three day field-trip that was planned for the end... Continue Reading →

Rome is for lovers.

Rome is one of these undefinable places that somehow always makes everyone's top 5 city list and how could you argue against that? What's not to love about Rome? Historical ruins. Check. Great food on every corner. Check. Deserts for breakfast. Check. But with amazingly awesome cities there always comes unbearably great responsibility. Last week... Continue Reading →

The future dinner.

They say love travels through the stomach. Turns out, love is not the only thing that travels through the stomach. Basically anything you eat travels through your stomach (hopefully). For most Westerners this means pasta, pizza and ... (fill in the blank). Because of new knowledge we have acquired over recent years, we now also have... Continue Reading →

Getting lost in Lillehammer

I am an environmentalist, that doesn't mean I have to actually like every single environment in existence. I can appreciate the environment and it's biodiversity but I am far from loving the tropical jungle and all itsy bitsy tiny creepy crawlers. Also, if I had to choose my favorite place in the world, it would always... Continue Reading →


On August 16th four years ago A and I landed blue eyed in Oslo, not knowing what we would get into but ready to take on a new and life-changing challenge. It only took us a couple summers to adjust to the bright sunny nights in the summer and the freezing cold dark days in... Continue Reading →

The Grad Student Train

I AM A GRAD STUDENT! These words fill me with so much happiness. I am not the first one in my family, but I am following in the footsteps of my parents who in their parental guidance had taught me one thing early on: The conventional way is not the one for me. It was... Continue Reading →

The Great Whale Project

Anyone who ever has been truly happy, knows that these precious moments can be gone in a heartbeat. In an instance everything you ever had hoped for can be gone and you will be left with picking up the pieces to your once so called life. But also, anyone who ever has been happy, knows... Continue Reading →

The Twinkies in me.

Side note: You may replace the Twinkies with any sugary treat that you can personally relate to. I am not endorsing Twinkies, I just like the word. Let's get one thing straight: I am a woman and I am in charge of my own body. You'd think that a simple statement like that wouldn't need... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Happiness

As I scroll through my facebook-newsfeed this morning, a terrible feeling overcomes me. I scroll through posts and posts of sadness, suffering and sacrifice and I cannot help but wonder, what is wrong with us? Is this what we choose to do with what we have? Are we that self-involved that  we feel the need... Continue Reading →

My Wrinkly Old Self

As I stare into the mirror, I realize there are wrinkles where there haven't been any before. The reflection I stare at shows discoloration and sagginess (also that's not a word) in the oddest places, has that always been there? Wear and tear everywhere but yet, I'm still happy with what I see, every single... Continue Reading →

Branching out!

One of my many teachers in Highschool once told me, that we all are like pianos. If you only partake in one activity, you only play one key and you quickly become bored and disinterested. But if you engage in many different activities, you play many keys and you can alter the melody you are playing, whenever... Continue Reading →

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