Until death do us part…

When I was young, I always imagined to one day own a house sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Listening to the waves every waking hour, opening the windows whenever I wanted to feel and smell the ocean breeze. I was ten when this idea first entered my mind and after nearly two decades,... Continue Reading →

Poland: Where the empty stomach meets the happy soul.

A couple years ago, on first wedding anniversary, A and I went out for pizza and drinks at a some-what nice restaurant in Oslo. Given that we celebrated our wedding in Italy, celebrating our first year at the pizza place around the corner seemed like a good idea. The pizzas were mediocre (if you had the... Continue Reading →

My babushka named Tallinn

Traveling is part of A's and my relationship. So this year, for our 7th year anniversary A and I went to Tallinn, Estonia, because apparently Norway is not cold enough for us but also because the tickets to Tallinn were the cheapest ones we could find for a romantic getaway without having to break the... Continue Reading →

6 years.

“Alice: How long is forever? White Rabbit: Sometimes, just one second.” - Lewis Carroll February 27th, 2009 - the night A and I first met. The night when everything started. Still, now in his most confident manner (and A is a very confident man) A reminds me constantly, that he knew within seconds of us... Continue Reading →

…1…2…3 years.

We met on a Friday night, not looking for love, not looking for a soul mate, just looking for a dance partner and looking for fun. Instead we found ourselves amazed and stunned at the same time. I found my better half, my partner in good and in bad times, I found my best friend... Continue Reading →

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