No regrets

If you throw a stone into a body of water, it'll create ripples with far reaching effects. Also, if you put an object into a glass filled with liquid, the object will displace the liquid. - So, no matter what you do with water, most likely you will notice some sort of change. And if... Continue Reading →

Dream boat

I've always felt like life was living on a boat, always trying to get through the storms, slowly making it from island to island, sometimes you'll get seasick and sunburned but no matter where, you'll always have an amazing view. Little did I know that turning 30 would mean that that's exactly what I would... Continue Reading →


I am a planner. I have three calendars (two online, in case one fails to back-up) and a physical one, because there is a whale on it and I absolutely loved the design. I use them rigidly, they structure my day and I love spending time updating them (that being said, also a huge-time-waster...). That's... Continue Reading →

The year of the elephant.

Seven years ago A and I sat in a Silver Diner somewhere in Virginia and shared a slice of warm apple pie with vanilla custard. A wore a jeans jacket, his curly dark hair framed his strong facial features and he looked at me, as if I was the most foreign thing, he has ever... Continue Reading →


First of all, let me make this clear right from the start, I am not expecting. I have to put that out there, as some people might suffer a heart attack reading the title and finding out big news like that on my blog. When you start thinking about the future, about the person you... Continue Reading →


I once flew an airplane. No, seriously. I did. About three years ago, for my 23rd birthday in Vienna. My uncle is a hobby-pilot and he invited me along as a birthday surprise and I, being a somewhat-daredevil, happily agreed. After all, how often do you get to fly an airplane? Not often, I suppose,... Continue Reading →

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