Jess explores – Family Ties (S2 E50)

We're coming into the reflective season and I used the opportunity to reflect on my family ties and take stock on my personal relationships! In this week's episode I talk about my family relationships and why they are so important to my learning abilities and growing abilities. While I get deeply personal, I think there... Continue Reading →

In the air tonight.

Yesterday morning, as I was balancing my laptop bag and backpack in one hand, my car keys, my jacket, and my travel mug in the other, for the first time ever I saw a shooting star. I have the habit of putting my travel mug on top of my car as I leave the house,... Continue Reading →

When time stands still.

Vienna was calling so loud it's still ringing in my ears. Going home always comes with a special kind of anxiety paired with an unbearable amount of excitement. Needless to say I couldn't sleep for several nights before my departure. I was super early at the airport, I was not going to miss my flight... Continue Reading →

With a heavy heart, part 4

A note of warning, before I jump into the fourth part of our month long road-trip:┬áBecause our trip was so extensive, eventful and wonderful at the same time, I decided to split my blog into several installments. The first part┬árecapitulated our initial car-troubles whereas the second part told the wonderful story about excessive amounts of... Continue Reading →


I know, having to convince yourself to exercise regularly is mentally challenging. If I could choose, I totally would spend all my days and weeks and months and years on my behind and not do anything all day, but unfortunately it just doesn't play well that way. So I have to use the force trying... Continue Reading →

If you could see me now.

As a person you evolve. It is not possible for you to remain the same, you get older, wiser, more experienced. As you progress in age and in wisdom, you should never feel like you want to be 16 again, or 18, or 20 or 23 or 45 or 78. Better yet, you should feel... Continue Reading →

Me, my mom & my wedding dress

My mom and I probably saw one too many Hollywood-wedding-movies, because as we experienced during my stay in Vienna, shopping for a wedding dress, is just not that much fun. I am not a good shopper anyways, I do good by myself, because I only have to listen to myself, but when other people are... Continue Reading →


I love my family, I really do, I think they are amazing. Cooko but amazing. So I was uber excited when finally, after a year's time, I was able to visit them again. I had so many plans that included cuddling my niece, playing with my niece, eating ice cream with my niece, taking pictures... Continue Reading →

Run for your life.

If I can say one thing about myself with certainty, it's that I am not sporty. In no way did I ever enjoy the occasional run, the quick weight-lift work-out, the pilates/yoga/thai boxing/zumba class or the fancy stationary cycle. I was a chubby kid and gym class was - to say the least - not... Continue Reading →

It’s time to talk

I am back home (= with A, where I belong; where it's rainy and cold at the end of May; where my hamster snores loudly; where I know, I have all the time in the world to be with the most wonderful man I know). I somehow survived the last week and a half and... Continue Reading →

My phone.

Telephones are a funny invention. They were build so people wouldn't have to write all the time anymore or would have to travel just to talk to each other. They were build to make lives easier. Lately I came to realize that phones do not only do that. Nowadays you can write texts, read your... Continue Reading →

Ticket to heaven, please.

I bought my ticket to Vienna in September. A 3-day-trip all by myself. I was so excited I couldn't sleep for days and so was my family. I received endless emails, concerning my flight, my plans, who was going to pick me up, what I wanted to do, what they wanted to do and so... Continue Reading →

I am so proud of you, Grandma.

My grandma is the greatest woman I have ever known. She's a strong-headed woman, a stubborn woman, a woman with so much love, words wouldn't be able to express it. A family-person, a great cook (aren't all grandmas?), a wonderful story-teller, someone who always listens and has the biggest of all hearts. She's been always... Continue Reading →

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