Love kernels

Bear with me, all of this has a point: I absolutely love Rachel Bloom in the tv-show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The character, Rebecca Bunch, played by Rachel Bloom, is a dillusional, hilariously funny protagonist with a flair for drama. If you haven’t already, you should definitely check it out. The coolest thing about this show are... Continue Reading →

To do, to don’t, to done.

When A and I first moved to Norway, some odd forever years ago (that's at least how long it feels), we agreed that hiking to Preikestolen is on our absolute MUST to do list! Every other month or so, we would go back and look at the breathtaking pictures, telling each other, that next vacation... Continue Reading →

Through hell and back.

My dad always says that sometimes you will discover signs that tell you what to do. He also says, that if there are three obvious signs, that you shouldn't do something, listen to it, more often than not, you will discover that something or someone is trying to tell you something. My dad is not... Continue Reading →

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