Where Gods are born

Yesterday was a crazy adventure! We had a late start and went to Chinatown for lunch at possibly Singapore's most famous hawker: Hawker Chan and it was truly mind blowing. The line seemed endless, although fast moving, but you need to come early, they tend to sell out and for good reason. Two people after... Continue Reading →

The Merliony Way

A and I have been enjoying Singapore as much as possible. Of course, like most travelers, we prefer sunshine over rain, but that's not holding us back (that's why they invented umbrellas and roofed areas). Yesterday we headed for the southern most point of continental Asia: Sentosa. Sentosa can only be described as an island... Continue Reading →

Where Avatar meets real life.

It's been raining so much in Singapore, A and I have been swimming from one place to another. But a little rain never hurt anyone, right? Especially in a place with as much greenery and diversity as Singapore. So, on one of our daily excursions we were ducking for cover at the gardens by the... Continue Reading →

Love at first flight!

A and I are enchanted by Singapore. A concrete jungle, mixed with Avatar-like concoctions, excitement pouring out of every fiber. You could call it love at first flight! From how easy it was to get through customs, literally took mere minutes and I got candy at the end, to how easy it was to get... Continue Reading →

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