Until death do us part…

When I was young, I always imagined to one day own a house sitting on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Listening to the waves every waking hour, opening the windows whenever I wanted to feel and smell the ocean breeze. I was ten when this idea first entered my mind and after nearly two decades,... Continue Reading →


As a child we never played charades, mainly because why try to mimic something if you could just say the word? Call it lazy, but up until recently, there was no need for me either to learn to mimic words, animals, public figures or historic buildings to just name a few. A and I just... Continue Reading →

The wedding blur.

It was pouring down rain all night and all morning, the storm was horribly loud and kept me worrying all night. As A and I both awakened the day of our wedding, we knew, that our chances on having an outside-wedding were dwindelling. But we kept our spirits up high and sat down to a... Continue Reading →

Happy tears

We are only a few short days away from the big I-dos. And let me tell you this is a very emotional time, even when you are a stone inside. I have been crying happy tears for days now. There is no warning to them, they just burst out of my eye-sockets and I wish... Continue Reading →

Sharing meals

This is the story of first impressions. A story of a lot of many expectations and much preparation, a story of first hand shakes, a story of first hugs, a story I will tell my children and grandchildren about. In April 2009, a few months into dating A, I was invited to met A's mom... Continue Reading →

Save the date.

5 years ago I was still in school, I had no clue which way I wanted to go with my career, no idea what my strengths and my weaknesses were. I had my outline written though, I knew that I ¬†wanted to do good for this world. That I wanted to contribute to a better... Continue Reading →

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