The headache, the back-pain and the vacation.

By the end of July A and I both were so burnt out, we were suffering severe headaches and back-pains and just being super whiney about everything. Needless to say we couldn’t wait to get down to Georgia. Granted, a 12-hour car ride didn’t exactly appeal to us, but knowing that we were heading south to have one quick get-away was the best thing – in the history of ever (at least at that moment it seemed that way). We left early on a Monday morning, hoping to beat the traffic and be down in Georgia before 8pm. Around noonish A and I were both so hungry that we decided to stop for lunch and what goes best with a road trip? Yes… you got it, Pizza. As we bought an 18-inch-pizza, half olives, half pepperoni and gazed into each other’s eyes as we sat down behind the pizza place, in the grass and dirt, close to a little forest, right next to an AC-unit, I realized how incredibly lucky I was to have A in my life. Yes, that also was the most romantic lunch, we ever had together.

We made good time to Georgia, we got to A’s dad’s house around 8 pm and had a nice little chat with everybody before we crashed and burnt and the most wonderful bed ever (since neither A nor I got much sleep over the last month or so, any bed would have felt like heaven to us). After a few days of sleeping, eating, swimming, watching TV, having cocktails, playing games and yes… do absolutely nothing, we were finally ourselves again and decided to head to Atlanta. Not to do any sight seeing, or to enjoy the diversity of this place… no only to go to the aquarium. The biggest you will ever see. Or the biggest I’ve ever seen.
Beluga whales, 4 of them, so close you could see eye to eye with them. Whale sharks to enormous, they could eat you with one bite, if they were to eat people or fish or other animals. Dolphins so amazing, so well-trained, it was just wonderful to watch them, also the splashes they provided were def worth while. And yes, of course we sat in the splash zone of the theater to watch the dolphin show.

We enjoyed eeeeevery little thing of this trip… well, maybe not every little thing. A was craving BBQ so bad, that we had to stop for a place our GPS recommended and boy, was A happy about that. So we detoured a wee bit and somehow got onto a lonely road somewhere far off the highway. No houses, no stores, no people, pretty lonely place. A followed the instructions our GPS gave us and stopped at a little wooden house called ‘the little piggy’. Needless to say that it was… charming, to say the least. Scary would be another word you could use. Don’t get me wrong, the food was great, very southern, very authentic, very good. However, the exterior made me shiver. No signs of a clean kitchen or anything remotely close to a broom, a mop or anything else that you could use for cleaning. The place was decorated with – tadaaa – little pigs, I can only imagine this place ever being a place people really would want to come to and hang out, funny enough though, when we entered there were actually people hanging out and genuinely enjoying being there. And yes, it was due to the delicious food…

After having stayed in Georgia for a week my back-pain and my headaches have both vanished, unfortunately so has the vacation. We headed back to PA on Monday morning and knew, that it was only a 7-day countdown until we will be arriving in Oslo and enjoy our new lives there.

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