Save the date.

5 years ago I was still in school, I had no clue which way I wanted to go with my career, no idea what my strengths and my weaknesses were. I had my outline written though, I knew that I  wanted to do good for this world. That I wanted to contribute to a better... Continue Reading →

…chocolate covered strawberries.

If you'd ask me to describe my relationship with A, I'd say we are like a chocolate covered strawberry. Chocolate = awesome (A) Strawberries = delicious (me) Chocolate + strawberries = awesome delight (A & me) The thing about them is though, that it takes patience to make them. It takes a good eye to... Continue Reading →

…my mantra.

In August 2009 we went to the airport together for the very first time (one of many we later had to learn). Our very first goodbye. Our first being apart and trying to pull through an hour, a day, a week, a month... several months. A became my hero, he comforted me, he told me everything... Continue Reading →

…the mature thing to do.

If I'd get to spend the rest of my life looking at you and writing notes on a napkin even though we could actually talk to each other, I'd be the luckiest girl on earth. That's what I wrote on a napkin only about a month after we had first met. I meant every word... Continue Reading →

…going the distance.

Pennsylvania and Virginia are actually pretty close. Ever since A and I started dating my understanding of something "being close" has changed a lot though. For instance, I live pretty close to my neighbour but I am way closer to A (even with an ocean between us). From where I lived in Virginia and from... Continue Reading →

…you’re my Nutella.

One day, when my children will ask, I will tell them, that I met A on a funny little invention called facebook. It made little stalkers out of everyone of us and anyone saying, that they do not stalk other people, would be lying. That simple. Facebook = stalking for beginners. Only good thing about... Continue Reading →

…with an elephant in a room?

Distance is like a third person in your relationship. It's like a mind of it's own always talking, always putting doubtlets in your mind that increase to doubts that turn into problems, arguments, fights, breakups and so on. You seldomly hear the good side of it... Because there is none. The facts about distance: -... Continue Reading →

…in Paris.

A fish may love a bird and they would live in Paris. Paris is wonderful. It is not only the city of lights but furthermore just a great memory of yet another new year with my beloved A. We went to Paris on Jan 1st and stayed til Jan 5th at Hotel Kensington, right across... Continue Reading →

This is why.

I love my boyfriend. He is the greatest thing that ever happened to me. He's generous, charming, caring, funny and very loving. He's successful (also in annoying me) and he has a great list of things he wants to achieve before he turns 40, 50, 60, 70 and so on. (I will refer to him... Continue Reading →

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